Photo-Molecular Comb™ biomolecular separator

Award Year 

The Miniature Californium-252 NeutronSource for Cancer Therapy was developed atOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).Because the source is so small, physicians caninsert it through a catheter to deliver high-doseneutron irradiation directly to a tumor site.The ORNL team was able to reduce thediameter of the source by more than half fromthe previous standard of about 2.8 millimeters,making it possible to reach and treat tumorsthat previously could only be treated withconventional photon and gamma therapy orwith (more) external beam treatments.Isotron, a company located in Norcross,Georgia, funded the research through a $2-million funds-in CRADA. Isotron is dedicatedto developing new tools, methods, andapplications in neutron brachytherapy fortherapeutic purposes. The technology isembodied in two invention disclosures forwhich patent applications have been filed.These two inventions are associated with novelmethods for producing small-diameter Cf-252source wires and for attachment of thosesources to small-diameter cables to enablebrachytherapy in previously inaccessibletissues. Isotron has exercised its licensingoption under the CRADA to acquire exclusivecommercial rights to these two inventions viaan exclusive license with ORNL. Isotron iscurrently pursuing commercialization options. (less)