Blue rose fiber optic perimeter security and detection system

The passive acoustics expertise developed by the U.S. Navy to detect, localize and classify targets in an undersea environment to win the Cold War is now being used to detect and localize the sounds of intruders near a perimeter or border. The Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport invented and patented an in-ground, cost-effective fiber optic perimeter security and detection system known as Blue Rose.Under multiple Cooperative Research and De-velopment Agreements (CRADAs) and patent license agreements, Blue Rose is being made available as a commercial product for perimeter security at airports, power plants, oil and gas refineries, commer-cial and domestic buildings, pipelines and international borders. Blue Rose detects an intruder via changes in the buried optical fiber caused by sound waves in the ground. Actual audio sounds of people walking or running and vehicle noises are captured. The sys-tem alerts the operator with an audio alarm as well as a visual display of the location of the intrusion along the perimeter. An integrated camera system utilizes GPS information relayed by Blue Rose to tilt, pan and zoom to the precise location for further visual identification of the intruder. As a buried system, Blue Rose is more covert than pe-rimeter security systems currently on the market and is not easily tampered with. The system is more economical and reduces the size of the se-curity staff required. Near-instantaneous recon-figuration of perimeter zone sizes and locations increases the system’s flexibility. The commercialization of Blue Rose results in improved security at all sites. Terrorist targets such as nuclear power plants and oil and gas re-fineries will be better protected due to this cost-effective system. Intruders will not be able to enter grounds undetected and cause harm to the nation’s infrastructure. Protection of U.S. mili-tary personnel at bases around the world will im-prove, while the number of security personnel at those bases will be reduced due to the enhanced capabilities of the Blue Rose system. The commercial availability of the system will ensure cost economies for the U.S. military and a competitive environment in which more capa-bilities will be integrated with the system.
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