2008 Outstanding Technology Transfer Professional Mid-Continent

Award Year 

David L. Goldheim joined Sandia National Laboratories’ Technology Transfer Office as its director in 1999. His significant contributions include leadership, inventiveness, and tenacity in developing and shepherding innovative programs that support Sandia’s business development and strategic intellectual property (IP) management efforts. During his tenure, the partnering processes at Sandia have matured, as well as expanded into new and innovative areas. Mr. Goldheim’s model of strategic IP management emphasizes identifying existing IP (more) and not-yet-market-ready technical capabilities; then, with the capabilities and the existing IP bundled, using an inventive set of tools to bring the technology from the lab to the marketplace. This strategy requires trust and support among the research institutions to identify a lead lab negotiator and a royalty distribution approach, as well as business savvy to represent the interests of multiple parties. Intellectual property professionals recognize the value of this model. Members of Sandia’s team took the bundling concept outside the walls of the lab in 2006 and received a Licensing Executives Society “Deals of Distinction” award, which recognizes transactions involving the licensing and transfer of intellectual property. Sandia, Los Alamos National Laboratory, the University of New Mexico’s Science & Technology Corp., New Mexico State University, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, the MIND Institute, and the National Center for Genome Resources forged an inter-institutional agreement that improves access to technology and eases the complexity of negotiating license agreements by forming a contract that allows the bundling of patents and identifies one organization as responsible for negotiations. Other examples of Sandia’s use of innovative mechanisms include the Business Intelligence/ Market Research team, Equity and Royal Sharing programs, Technology Maturation Fund, Mission-Centric Venturing, Entrepreneur-inResidence, Sandia Science & Technology Park, Shared Vision program, business development, business intelligence, and market research. Mr. Goldheim’s qualifications as a technology transfer professional are indisputable. He demonstrates business acumen and specific skills in technology transfer in his capacity as Sandia’s lead representative in establishing and maintaining strategic relationships that support the laboratories’ crucial national security missions. (less)