2008 Service - Harold Metcalf Southeast

Ed Linsenmeyer’s commitment to the field of technology transfer has driven his tireless service to his own laboratory, the Navy and, quite notably, the FLC. The FLC and the entire technology transfer community have reaped tremendous rewards from his concentrated efforts and exemplary leadership. Mr. Linsenmeyer’s involvement with the FLC spans more than 15 years. During that time he has served as Southeast Region Deputy Regional Coordinator, followed by two terms as the Regional Coordinator. As Regional Coordinator, he initiated a partnership between the FLC and Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers to identify technologies in federal laboratories that could be transferred and applied to meeting the needs of people with mobility, communication, and other physical disabilities. Mr. Linsenmeyer then moved on to become ViceChair of the FLC. In this capacity, and later as FLC Chair, he provided the calm and steady presence that enabled productive discussions and positive decision making. The FLC has long emphasized member training and recognition of technology transfer accomplishments by scientists at federal labs. This internal focus is important, but Mr. Linsenmeyer understood that the next necessary step in the growth of the organization would come through outreach. He began a concentrated effort to communicate and work with other technology transfer organizations, such as the Association of University Technology Managers, the International Society for Optical Engineering, and the Industrial Research Institute. The World’s Best Technology (WBT) Showcase perfectly exemplifies an outreach effort nurtured to great success by Mr. Linsenmeyer. What began as a concept in the early 2000s is now an unparalleled, deal focused forum that brings together investors, licensees, and technology transfer professionals. Showcased technologies are selected by and presented to established venture investors and Fortune 500 licensing scouts representing a spectrum of industries. All presenters are coached in making concise, investor-oriented presentations geared toward securing investment capital or licensing partners. According to the WBT website, the forum “offers a level playing field for participating universities and labs to present the highest quality opportunities free of sector limitations or political agendas.” Mr. Linsenmeyer has worked tirelessly to resolve conflicts, foster consensus, and encourage participation in the FLC for newcomers and veterans alike. His advocacy of the FLC at numerous events has generated renewed visibility for the organization among scientific and professional associations, within Congress, among high-level federal agency managers, and in industry.
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