2011 Interagency Partnership Northeast

Award Year 

Lewis Meixler of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) is the chair of the New Jersey Regional Homeland Security Technology Committee (NJRHSTC), which is chartered by the State of New Jersey and reports to the N.J. Domestic Security Planning Group. The function of the NJRHSTC is to be a resource to the Planning Group on technologies that may be useful for homeland security applications, which include both antiterrorism and natural disaster events. Through the (more) focused application of technology, processes and services, the Committee seeks to reduce the potential for loss of life, limit the impact of any incident, enhance the ability of the response community, and expedite the return of essential functions.Charles Gentile and his PPPL team developed software for the identification of specific sources of radiation that may be associated with the threat of nuclear terrorism. Dr. Floyd Ribe of the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) immediately saw the value of the technology and arranged for the support of its early development. Without ARDEC support, the technology would have never been developed. PPPL initiated an effort to find a suitable partner to commercialize the technology. PPPL and ARDEC jointly decided that the most promising course was to license to InSitech, a new partnership intermediary established at ARDEC, and to commercialize the technology, which came to be known as the Miniature Integrated Nuclear Detection System (MINDS).MINDS is an antiterrorism technology that detects the radiation emitted from a nuclear threat, such as a dirty bomb or other nuclear device. MINDS technology employs a conventional off-the-shelf hardware approach to detecting the nuclear radiation spectrum, coupled with an innovative detection scheme. To date, it has been deployed by N.J. Transit, the Department of Homeland Security, McGuire Air Force Base, and at container handling locations in Long Beach, California and Singapore. (less)