2012 Service - Representative of the Year Midwest

Award Year 

John Dement of Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) has been leading the charge for aggressive and progressive technology transfer at his lab and within the FLC under the bold banner of “informationand entrepreneurship for all!”Driven by his determination to illustrate the return-on-investment, quantifi able value of technology transfer, Dement conceived the idea of a study to capture a snapshot of the economic impact of technology transfer activity on the (more) government and the private sector. He submitted a proposal to the Navy, received Navy technology transfer pilot project funding, and wrote a contract with Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business to conduct the study. In “TheEconomic Contribution of the Department of the Navy Technology Transfer Program,” Dement dramatically showed that technology transfer agreements with Navy labs create high-wage jobs; enhance local, regional, and federal tax receipts; support small businesses; and stimulate economic development. The FLC Executive Board asked Dement to present his fi ndings at the 2011 national meeting and, as a result, the Departments of Commerce and Energy and the Agricultural Research Service are now considering similar studies for their own programs.Dement has created and implemented innovative technology transfer methods and strategies, which he has shared and actively promoted throughout the FLC community. These include a focused strategy involving outreach to external partners and intermediaries. In just the last year, Dement has engaged with six Indiana universities and three schools outside the Indiana University system, targeting business and entrepreneurial schools and outreach departments, and implemented eight local Partnership Intermediary Agreements (PIAs), including economicdevelopment organizations and incubators. Thanks to his direct eff orts, at least 14 new participants from the university, PIA, and industry sectors attended the FLC’s 2011 national meeting.Dement brings energy and attitude to his work for and through the FLC, and is tireless in his efforts to support the organization as broadly as possible. He is both a willing leader and a diligent participant in FLC activities, and his entrepreneurial spirit on technology transfer processes and methods is creating fresh momentum. (less)