Fuell cell mobile light

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Th e fuel cell mobile light is bringing clean hydrogen fuel cell lighting products to industry. By doing so, Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) is helping the U.S. to reduce diesel and greenhouse gas emissions, and lower dependence on foreign oil. In its design, the fuel cell mobile light features a quiet, zero emissions fuel cell to replace the noisy diesel-powered generators that provide energy for mobile lights used by highway construction crews, airport maintenance (more) personnel, fi lm crews, and many others.Transfer of the technology was initiated as part of an SNL/Boeing umbrella Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, and a strategic partnership that included an innovative coalition of funding sponsors, fuel cell and lighting technology experts, equipment manufacturers, and diverse end-users. This coalition has led to a commercial product that promotes the Department of Energy goal of bringing clean fuel cell technology to the marketplace in new applications, and it also furthers Boeing’s desire to bring fuel cell technology to aviation.An Intellectual Property Management Plan transferred the technology to commercial partner, Multiquip, Inc., a leading manufacturer of rental construction equipment in the U.S. While Multiquip is the main recipient of the technology transfer from SNL, all of the project coalition members have been sharing knowledge and technology. SNL has been guiding and facilitating this technology transfer throughout the life of theproject.A successful transfer has been realized with the rollout of the H2LT (H2 Light Tower). Multiquip has already received 30 preorders for the H2LT, which became available in early 2012. Airlines and airports will also have commercially manufactured H2LT units available to use as airport ground support equipment, reducing emissions at airports and supporting the Boeing goal of introducing fuel cell technology to aviation.SNL will continue to work on advanced designs, such as a “Hybrid System” that uses metal hydride storage of hydrogen to improve on the highpressure storage of hydrogen used on the current H2LT product. In addition, SNL will supervise the current deployment of the H2LT technology with a number of fi eld-test partners, including Paramount Pictures, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the California Department of Transportation, and San Francisco International Airport. (less)