HyperX Parallel Memory / Processor Network Chip for Communication Equipment

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Using both serial and parallel processing with multiple programs operating simultaneously, the technology handles massive amounts of data more efficiently than other readily available multicore processors. Energy consumption is also balanced across the low-power chip, avoiding the hot spots and active cooling systems typical in comparable multicore processors. As a result, commercial users of HyperX processors report a reduction in power consumption by a factor of ten and a tenfold improvement in performance, as well as reduced chip count. (more)

Evolving from hyperspectral image processing software created by Dr. Paul Willson while employed by the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) in the 1990s, the commercialization of the HyperX chip spanned more than a decade. From 2000 to 2012, a series of Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) contracts between ARDEC and Coherent Logix (CLX) transformed Dr. Willson's innovative software into a groundbreaking multicore parallel processing technology. Other technology transfer tools, such as a 2011 Department of Defense Memorandum of Understanding, transitioned the technology to other locations. Throughout this time, Dr. Willson, Michael Doerr (CLX Chief Executive Officer), and Dr. Robert Reuss (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Program Manager for HyperX) worked diligently to advance the technology. Today the HyperX processor chip is the cornerstone of CLX's portfolio of commercial products, with 29 related patents.

Among the multiple commercial products now with embedded Hyper technology are ixMax, the world's first carrier-class cognitive radio network, and small cell consumer and commercial wireless communications equipment from Public Wireless. As the power and popularity of mobile devices grows, HyperX has the promise to meet increasing commercial and military needs for faster data processing with lower power consumption.

Award Winners:

  • Dr. Paul Willson
  • Michael Doerr, Coherent Logix, Inc.
  • Dr. Robert Reuss, DARPA

Contact: Dr. Paul Willson, (973) 724-7455