SpEC: an SAE charging digital communication controller

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Imagine how much more consumer-friendly an electric car would be for today's motorist if charging the battery could be done in less than 15 minutes instead of a whole night. (more)

Argonne has developed the SpEC module (Smartgrid EV communication), a technology that enables direct current (DC) fast-charging communication between an electric vehicle and a DC charger by implementing SAE charging standards and specifications. DC fast-charging can charge an electric vehicle in less than 15 minutes, versus the 6 to 8 hours needed for alternating current (AC).

The SpEC module technology was transferred to BTCPower (Broadband TelCom Power, Inc.) in August 2013 through a limited field-of-use license agreement for 25- and 50-kW electric vehicle (EV) chargers. This agreement will allow Argonne?s technology to be incorporated into BTCPower's chargers, which are 100% American-made.

Because the SpEC technology is quicker and more efficient, it makes electric charging more like pumping gas. Bringing Argonne's SpEC technology to market will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by reducing ange anxiety - the fear that a vehicle won't have enough power to get the driver to his or her destination. Fewer EV owners will worry that they?ll be stranded on the shoulder of a highway trying to make a 300-mile trip. DC fast-charging via the SpEC module will enable EV owners to recharge their vehicles on-the-go.