2015 Rookie of the Year Midwest

Award Year 

Since assuming the role of Chief of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) at NASA’s Glenn Research Center (GRC) less than three years ago, Kimberly Dalgleish-Miller has shown time and again that she has the strategic vision to take GRC and NASA to great heights in terms of technology transfer; the insight and determination to implement new processes and cultural changes that are essential to achieving major improvements; and the personal dedication to make (more) the agency’s goals a top priority. Dalgleish-Miller transformed and revitalized a TTO that had stagnated and lost focus by establishing an overall strategy where previously no strategy existed, and developing systematic and streamlined processes to implement that strategy. She implemented a process to proactively manage the TTO’s portfolio of innovations, ensuring that every invention that comes in is evaluated to determine the best path forward. DalgleishMiller also focused on achieving licensing success, populating the agreement pipeline with high potential technologies and pursuing prospects proactively. In addition, she costefficiently published two new trifold brochures designed to secure the interest of potential industry partners by summarizing the impact of GRC technology transfer and providing a highlevel overview of how industry can work with the Center. In addition to making GRC’s TTO a success, Dalgleish-Miller is also dedicated to the success of the entire technology transfer program at NASA. She is currently serving as lead of the Center Management Team for technology transfer programs across all NASA centers. In this role, she spearheads the coordination of technology transfer efforts across NASA’s 10 TTOs, ensuring communication across the centers and brokering consensus to achieve concerted strategies to pursue NASA’s technology transfer objectives. Dalgleish-Miller has supported and successfully positioned her team as leaders in marketing available technologies, particularly software. As a result, GRC’s TTO staff is now implementing an agencywide catalogue based on their own platform for the Center’s software catalogue. For industry players seeking software solutions, this comprehensive catalogue will dramatically simplify the process of finding the NASA innovations that meet their needs. According to Daniel Lockney of NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist, “Kim has really dug into the content and become one of our strongest center leads. I rely on her a great deal. As an example, her willingness to apply her knowledge of NASA procurement has helped us solve reporting issues that have plagued us for years. Kim is making significant progress in an area where others have routinely failed. She has gone from being the ‘new kid’ to being the agency expert on new technology reporting.” (less)