Physical and Cyber Risk Analysis Tool (PACRAT)

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The Physical and Cyber Risk Analysis Tool (PACRAT), developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), is a first-of-its-kind software that identifies vulnerabilities in critical facilities and infrastructures by blending cyber and physical security. This provides a change from existing cyber and physical vulnerability assessments that are performed independently and do not account for the interdependence of the security apparatus. PACRAT performs holistic vulnerability analyses and recommends prioritized cyber and physical security upgrades to reduce risk and optimize investments. Not only does it significantly reduce analysis time, but the results are driven by a defensible algorithm and modeling software, instilling confidence in security investment decisions. (more)

PNNL scientists marketed PACRAT to potential licensees through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Transition to Practice (TTP) program, and built a relationship with RhinoCorps, Ltd. Co., that led to a license in March 2016. RhinoCorps saw the patented technology’s potential to enable the company to enter new markets via an expanded and first-of-a-kind product offering, shared proprietary information to facilitate transition, and incorporated the tool into its existing Vanguard suite and Simajin platform for use by infrastructure owners in government and industry.

Although RhinoCorps saw the value early on, the small business had to ensure a viable path to commercialization. Confident of PACRAT’s capability and value, PNNL submitted the technology to the TTP program and presented to industry and government representatives. The positive response and requests for follow-on discussions confirmed the potential market space for RhinoCorps. Throughout the research, development and marketing process, the two companies built a true collaboration of mutual trust. They shared the scientific underpinnings of their work and cross-trained staff on each other’s software. RhinoCorps even provided PNNL with its proprietary software. The integrated product is expected to be available by June 2017.

PACRAT fills a gaping hole in security assessments that leave organizations in all sectors, including nuclear, energy, water, security and banking, exposed to attacks that combine physical and cyber aspects. Once integrated with market leader Simajin, PACRAT will provide government agencies and commercial entities the information they need to make appropriate security investment decisions to better protect vulnerable critical infrastructures nation- and worldwide from adversarial attacks.


  • Samuel Clements
  • Antony Contri
  • Dr. Kannan Krishnawwami
  • Dr. William Hutton
  • Douglas MacDonald
  • Casey Perkins

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