GoX Studio Ergo Wearable Sensor Kit

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A patented approach to measuring power generated during activities such as walking and running, developed by an injured veteran working at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane), is now being integrated into next-generation military equipment as well as athletic, therapeutic, and human performance solutions in the commercial space. (more)

NSWC Crane engineer Dr. Robert Templeman, an avid runner and specialist in microelectronics, recognized the potential benefit of applying the same kind of power-measuring technology found in sensors embedded in the pedals of cycling equipment to measure human performance in walking, running, and other physical activities. The ability to measure foot power, not just steps and stride, can be combined with software algorithms to measure form, fatigue, force, and the rate of exertion, making it easier to protect individuals from injury and improve their performance.

This patented NSWC Crane technology was identified by GoX Studio’s founders as the “missing link” in an integrated software and sensor package the veteran-owned small business was developing for the ergonomics, healthcare, and fitness markets. Enabled by a Patent Licensing Agreement and a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement between NSWC Crane and GoX Studio, the collaboration resulted in the creation of several working prototypes of the technology embedded as sensors in shoe insoles, which were used in U.S. military human-performance trials.

Along with commercially marketing the technology to companies in the fitness, ergonomics, and healthcare sectors, GoX Studio’s insole technology also is being integrated into the initial prototype for the TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit), the so-called “Iron Man” exoskeleton being developed by the U.S. Special Operations Command to support future warfighters with both physical protection and information from embedded sensors. With the ability to better serve the warfighter and grow the economy by leveraging the current demand for wearable tracking devices in the commercial marketplace, the collaboration between NSWC Crane and GoX Studio exemplifies the dual benefits of technology transfer.

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