Success Story

A Classified Cloud Environment for Mission…NSA Collaborates with AlgorithmHub


Being able to save time, money, and effort while achieving mission can be easily classified as a “win-win situation” for everyone involved. Fortunately, researchers at NSA Hawaii (NSAH) are doing just that.

NSAH is training machine learning models to further develop algorithms that will generate a topical list and, eventually, visual images of words. The goal is to provide any user with a topical word list so that the user can quickly assign a meaning and perspective to foreign language content, without having any prior knowledge of that language. In need of a better way to continue their research, NSAH discovered Hawaii-based startup AlgorithmHub at a speed networking event and quickly saw potential in what the company had to offer.

To meet NSAH requirements, the NSA TTP finalized a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with AlgorithmHub to apply their data science cloud compute environment to NSA’s unclassified machine learning research problems. The partnership with AlgorithmHub allows NSA researchers to deploy algorithms in a cloud environment without lengthy delays and costs associated with provisioning and maintaining virtual machines. AlgorithmHub’s unique Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for commercial cloud services provides data scientists with the ability to experiment and share their data science algorithms while leveraging the compute power and storage capacity of the cloud. The partnership has also enabled AlgorithmHub to improve their services, as well. John Bay, CEO of AlgorithmHub, says, “Through our CRADA with a data science team at the NSA, we have enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in evaluating machine learning algorithms for topic identification. These new features are not only valued by data scientists at the NSA, but also with other AlgorithmHub customers. The CRADA has provided us critical feedback and validation needed to continue to evolve the AlgorithmHub platform into an innovative, commercially viable product.”

After a highly successful data science workshop with NSA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the Institute of Defense Analysis (IDA), NSA hosted a topic modeling cohort, subsequently extending testing and evaluation time in the AlgorithmHub environment. A more comprehensive upcoming workshop includes broader participation and will further refine the model for additional use of the AlgorithmHub platform by NSAH. This effort is developing a model for continuing collaboration for data analytics development for use across the enterprise and with other researchers in academia and industry.

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