Success Story

Containerized Weapon System

The Containerized Weapon System (CWS) was developed to provide a scalable, stand-alone force protection capability with enhanced lethality for FOBs, COPs, ECPs, airfields, embassies, naval assets, and other high value locations. Remote operations allow unit commanders to provide critical overwatch capabilities from a secure and protected position. By integrating currently fielded weapon systems, the CWS provides a reduced logistics footprint. This system is actively deployed in multiple areas of operation.

System Description

An electric mast remotely deploys the CROWS weapons platform with an integrated Javelin missile to provide a full 360 degree capability. A Situational Awareness (SA) computer provides a networked hub linking the CWS to existing ISR assets for rapid, automated target cueing. Digital terrain maps provide additional SA and target location information to the operator.

Key Features

The CWS is fully self-contained within a standard ISO Tricon shipping container that is readily transported with common material handling equipment.

  • Two soldiers can deploy the system in less than 30 minutes
  • Full remote operations from up to 1000m
  • Rapid reload and redeployment from under armor
  • Fully integrated power management system for extended remote operations
  • solar, battery, generator, NATO, and shore power