Success Story

LANL and Chevron's Alliance for Advanced Energy Solutions

In November of 2004, Chevron Energy Technology Company and Los Alamos National Laboratory entered into an Alliance for Advanced Energy Solutions. The purpose of the Alliance is to address the most critical technology needs of the oil and gas industry. 

For Los Alamos, this innovative approach allowed the institution to fulfill the Department of Energy’s mission “to advance the national, economic and energy security of the United States; to promote scientific and technological innovation in support of that mission...”. 

Chevron Energy Technology Company is responsible for making technology available to Chevron’s operating companies under a business model in which it works with oil and gas suppliers to develop, demonstrate, and deploy new technologies and products. For Chevron, the Alliance strategically supports the company’s goal to develop promising energy technologies that will deliver additional energy supplies. To date, the Alliance has been a model private-public partnership that addresses both organizations strategic goals. 

Today the Alliance has 18 diverse projects that include long-term, high-value, cutting-edge technologies in down-hole communications, subsea technologies, refining separations, and imaging and modeling. 

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
(Photo courtesy of LANL)

“To help enable human progress and meet the world’s growing demand for energy, Chevron collaborates externally with universities and research institutions to develop unique technology solutions and build functional expertise. Chevron values our longstanding partnership with the Los Alamos National Laboratory in this regard. Together we work to identify, develop and field test innovative technologies that intersect global business needs. Adapting LANL’s technology and capabilities has allowed us to address challenges across our value-chain -- from exploration and drilling, to reservoir management and production, to facilities and refining.” - Paul Siegele, Chief Technology Officer and President, Chevron Energy Technology Company