Success Story

Mobile Software Solution Eliminates Paper-Intensive Processes to Enhance Operational Efficiency

The Paperless Work Package System (PWP) is a computer program that takes information from Asset Suite, provides a platform for other electronic inputs, processes the inputs into an electronic package that can be downloaded onto an electronic work tablet or laptop computer, provides electronic inputs into the work tablet, and then transposes those inputs back into Asset Suite and to permanent records.

NextAxiom Technology, Inc. is a San Francisco-based platform innovator that has enabled the silo-free enterprise for over a decade. In 2013, NextAxion Technology, Inc. signed an exclusive license with Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC. In December of 2013, NextAxiom announced the general availability of the Mobile Work Package (MWP). The first MWP rollout at SRNS saw a $2.7 million annual cost savings and the payback period was under one year.

This new field mobility solution, designed to support a force of 200 mission critical maintenance workers equipped with wireless tablets, automates paper-intensive work processes, while enabling cross-silo intelligent information flow between disparate systems. It was designed to assist mobile SRNS field maintenance work force and management in the following areas:

  • Streamlining the Work Process: Eliminates the paper, while simultaneously eliminates the high costs and work inefficiency associated with the legacy paper-based process. The new PWP solution is highly scalable and manages in the range of 120,000 new work orders per year.
  • Enabling Tablet-based Field Mobility: Enables the field workforce – 200 plus onsite mechanics and technical crew members – to leverage ruggedized, next generation mobile tablet devices and pen computing for dramatically improved work process automation in both ‘connected’ and offline modes.
  • Driving Cross-Application Integration: Created a new bi-directional intelligent information flow. This was developed within an overall IT environment in which no legacy SOA infrastructure or middleware (e.g. enterprise service bus or ESB) was in place.
  • Manages User Access Roles: Supports all relevant management and workforce roles within the new application, including Work Planners, First Line Managers, Mechanics and Field Work Reviewers, based on the secure user access policy.
  • Tracking Work Packages: Includes a new Work Package Tracking System to manage the new Paperless Work Package on an ongoing basis.
  • Records Automation Module: Once a Work Order has been completed for a specified amount of time, all work package documents are automatically grouped by task and compiled into a single PDF document. The module enables comprehensive paperless work package records creation, freeing staff to focus on work processes, not paperwork.