Success Story

Securing Data from Send to Receive…NSA Partners with Kapalya, Inc.


Ever wonder how secure your data really is after you hit “Send”? With the progression of the digital age, and an increase in dependence of those who rely on it, the protection of our information systems has not only become more complicated—it has also become a critical necessity. Systems and accounts need more than just a password to be protected; data must also be authenticated and encrypted in order to keep unauthorized users from accessing it. And while everyone knows the importance of protecting their personal data, few have mastered securing its access.

Kapalya, a Hawaii-based technology development company, hopes its latest offering will become a standard in data security; the company is using Agency-developed technology to ensure seamless end-to-end protection of data during transport. The technology was originally developed at NSA as a software program to encrypt and authenticate data for mission. With a powerful authentication mechanism, this technology is able to encrypt a message when sent and enables the recipient to authenticate the message upon receipt. Its easy implementation allows it to be used towards a variety of applications.

In March 2017, Kapalya signed a patent license agreement (PLA) for exclusive licensing rights to NSA’s authenticated cryptography technology. Exclusive licensing allows Kapalya to use and commercialize the technology as a unique product in the marketplace. The agreement has already paid off for Kapalya; it helped Sudesh Kumar, Kapalya CEO, win financial backing at a shark tank competition during the Future Focus conference sponsored by the Hawaii Business Roundtable and the University of Hawaii.

Kumar credits the exclusive license from NSA in setting him apart from the rest of the competition. “A game changer…that is how I describe the effect of licensing NSA technology on my business. The next generation of our data encryption app will have NSA’s patented technology as the foundation. Once released commercially, this app will be cryptographically stronger and more efficient than existing authenticated encryption solutions in the marketplace.”

The NSA patent portfolio features all of the agency's technologies that are available to license. View the NSA patent portfolio here: