Success Story

SRNL Licenses Hybrid Microwave Technology

Hadron Technologies, Inc., a microwave technology and systems development and manufacturing company with offices in Tennessee and Colorado, has signed a license for a Hybrid Microwave and OffGas Treatment System developed by the Savannah River National Laboratory, the Department of Energy’s applied science laboratory located at the Savannah River Site.

The agreement gives Hadron the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell the SRNL-developed system.

The microwave system is used to support gas sample analysis as part of SRS national defense mission. Laboratory experimentation has shown that the new form of hybrid microwave is capable of performing functions that traditional microwave systems could not achieve. The system achieves extremely high temperatures by enabling materials that usually do not react to microwave energy to absorb it and rapidly heat up. Metals, which normally cannot be introduced into a microwave, not only can be treated in the system, but they are actually used to help increase the temperature of the lower chamber, enabling faster degradation of waste materials.

Equipment using these technologies could be used to destroy a wide variety of substances ranging from medical wastes to harmful viruses and drugs such as methamphetamine, while still allowing for DNA analysis of the destroyed material.

“This is another good example of how laboratory innovation has changed our approach to problems,” said Dr. Terry Michalske, Director of SRNL. “Public-private collaborations such as this one are important to the mission of a National Laboratory, and this one has the potential to bring a significant technology to a number of different commercial and government markets.”

“Hadron Technologies is very excited about our exclusive licensing of the Hybrid Microwave and OffGas Treatment System developed by the Savannah River National Laboratory. This innovative microwave technology affords solutions to a number of obstacles within the commercial and government markets. We are looking forward to commercially implementing this technology and providing solutions to these markets,” said Stan Morrow, Chief Technology Officer, of Hadron Technologies, Inc