Success Story

Sulfur Concrete

Sulfur concrete was developed more than thirty years ago by the United States Bureau of Mines. Sulfur concrete is made by mixing sulfur, an inexpensive waste by-product of the petrochemical industry with dicyclopentadiene (DCPD), a fairly expensive organic modifier, with limited availability. This has kept the cost of sulfur concrete high and therefore, sulfur concrete has not been widely used. Dr. Paul Kalb of Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) together with partners from Kazakhstan, have devised an alternative concrete composition and method for making it through a process known as Stabilized Sulfur Binder using Activated Fillers (SSBAF).

The SSBAF method uses an organic component waste by-product from the petrochemical industry, mixed with and coated on filler, such as sand, before being energetically mixed with sulfur. Dr. Kalb explained that this “green” process recycles industrial byproducts and, unlike the process for making conventional concrete, does not produce carbon dioxide. This improved sulfur concrete is less expensive than conventional SPCs, requires no water, and is highly resistant to corrosive environments. This sulfur concrete can be used in a number of applications including precast concrete products such as pipes, tanks, containers, blocks and slabs.

In 2012, Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC. (“BSA”), contractor/operator of BNL entered into an Option Agreement with Green Sulfcrete, a Long Island NY based company that was formed to commercialize the BNL’s sulfur concrete technology. Green Sulfcrete was granted an option under the DOE Startup America program. The option was granted for the company to make, use and sell sulfur concrete made by the BNL process in certain territories. Recently the company changed its name from Green Sulfcrete to Sulfcrete and has entered into a license agreement with BSA. The company was awarded the Phase I SBIR NSF grant. Under sponsored research agreements, the company continues to collaborate with BNL to develop the product further. The company anticipates entering the market with a product in 2016. The website of the company can be found at: