Success Story

Virtual Engineering Tools Provided the Foundation for Improved Management Decisions Tools for the Agriculture Industry

Ames Laboratory’s VE-Suite’s library of tools, an open-source software, provided the background and expertise needed for AgSolver, Inc., a startup company located in Ames, Iowa, to create and market LEAF (Landscape Environmental Assessment Framework) application tools. 

Doug McCorkle a co-founder of AgSolver, and his research team at Ames Laboratory focused on using diverse data streams within the engineering process to create virtualized systems that enable engineers to make well-informed decisions. At AgSolver, the open-source tools developed during that research are being deployed for training simulators, interactive design environments, and agronomic decision services products.

VE-Suite tools were developed by K. Mark Bryden, Doug McCorkle, Aaron Bryden and other team members at Ames Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory.  Mark Bryden’s team won three R&D 100 awards for tools developed for VE-Suite.

AgSolver core environmental process engine determines a broad range of land performance characteristics at a high resolution that deliver market specific services to customers.  AgSolver’s agronomic decision service products improve land management decisions, and simplify mandatory compliance and reporting activities. Their technology uses readily available precision agriculture data including yield maps, soil sample data, and fertilizer application data, in combination with simulation tools to guide better management decisions. The technology uses these datasets with some simple inputs about the management practices for an operation to provide valuable insights at a high resolution 30 foot scale such as: profit projections for a field over 50 years of actual climate conditions, 10 – 30 year projections of key soil productivity metrics including organic matter and erosion scale, and nitrogen use efficiency. The coupled data management and simulation technology also supports high resolution conservation planning. By integrating this technology with a secure cloud computing framework AgSolver’s applications can provide these improved decisions within minutes.

AgSolver, Inc. was purchased by EFC Systems in 2015.