T2 Mechanisms

Start Exploring the Agreement Paths

So you’ve searched and found federal resources at a particular federal laboratory or facility you’d like to access; now what? At this stage, you’re ready to play the “contact sport” that is technology transfer—meaning, it's time to reach out to those specific laboratory professionals and form beneficial relationships that can assist with your R&D or technology commercialization goals. 

With the help of the FLC’s T2 Mechanisms Database, you can explore the different types of agreement paths available and view sample agreements that must be completed to license or access federal resources at any laboratory or facility. 

To maximize your T2 Mechanisms search results, start by familiarizing yourself with the different types of agreements many laboratories have to offer. Listed below are descriptions of the typical types of agreements you’ll come across when searching the database.

Types of Agreements




Facility Usage


Technology License


Additional Options