Technology Locator Service

The FLC’s Technology Locator service provides immediate, personalized search assistance and referrals that connect entrepreneurs, technology seekers and other industry representatives with federal laboratory expertise and technologies to further their R&D goals. 

For anyone seeking to improve their product, solve a manufacturing issue or start a business, the Technology Locator serves as a matchmaker between you and the FLC community’s large network of laboratory resources. Through an extensive knowledge base of the federal laboratory system, the Technology Locator staff connects technology seekers with a lab that can provide the expertise and capabilities needed to get R&D projects off the ground. 

As a no-cost public service to promote and facilitate the T2 process, numerous requests submitted through the Technology Locator have resulted in long-lasting partnerships and successful technology transfers. 

How the Technology Locator Service Works

Technology Locator Process

1. Request
The Requestor
Send your technology R&D needs request to the FLC Technology Locator by calling, emailing, or submitting through our online request form! 

2. Search
Databases & Resources
The Technology Locator will search and identify lab resources and contacts that can respond to your specific requests.

3. Interaction 
Laboratory Representative
Labs may have a tool to help you! 
• A technology to license
• Facility or equipment to utilize
• Expert guidance or a collaboration opportunity.

4. Introduction
When the right match is found, the Technology Locator will facilitate communication between the requestor and the lab. You work it out from there.