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"Body friendly" RF diathermy system

A team led by Dr. Richard Olsen of the NavalAerospace Medical Research Laboratory (NAMRL)has developed and commercialized a novel form ofradio frequency diathermy (RFD) that uses a helicalcoil to deliver uniform, deep-tissue heating fortreatment of pain associated with injuries.When housed in a...

"Flavorfest" strawberry cultivar

Scientists from the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center?s Genetic Improvement of Fruits and Vegetables Laboratory developed a novel mid-season strawberry variety released as Flavorfest. Named for its superior fruit flavor, Flavorfest strawberries are large, bright red, and appear distinctively...

10-gigabit ethernet adapter

Have you ever tried to download a high–resolution graphic, movie, or video game from the Internet? Such downloads can take hours, and if you're lucky, your computer won't lockup and the download will come through successfully. Now imagine that by installing a simple adapter into your computer...

2003 Extreme ultraviolet lithography tool Far West

Years ago, it would have taken a roomful ofhardware to match the computing power oftoday’s average laptop computer. One key toprogress has been the steady improvement inultraviolet lithography, the photographicprocess used to print integrated circuits oncomputer chips. However, current...