South Carolina

In 2016, South Carolina-based federal agencies and laboratories received a federal R&D investment of $460 million. They leveraged that investment via their technology transfer efforts to address societal needs, promote economic development and growth, and enhance U.S. competitiveness. From defense to life sciences to energy to agriculture, South Carolina-based federal agencies and labs are meeting the technology transfer mission envisioned by Congress.

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Federal Obligations for R&D in South Carolina, 2016 ($ thousands)
All agencies 460,869
Department of Agriculture 24,757
Department of Commerce 22,911
Department of Defense 116,516
Department of Energy 48,279
Department of Health and Human Services 180,592
Department of Homeland Security 6,232
Department of the Interior 8,831
Department of Transportation 1,132
Environmental Protection Agency 828
National Aeronautics and Space Administration 2,020
National Science Foundation 48,771

Source: NSF Science and Engineering Profiles



Michael Merriken
Aiken County Technology Laboratory (ACTL)

Aiken County Technology Laboratory (ACTL)

Savannah River Site Aiken SC 29808
The Aiken County Technology Laboratory (ACTL) was established at Aiken County's Savannah River Research Campus to provide modern laboratory facilities for SRNL's unclassified research and development in the fields of waste management, environmental sciences, and biotechnology. The County-owned...
available technology

ALPES: Aerosol-to-Liquid Particle Extraction System

ALPES is a device that uses electrostatic precipitation to collect and concentrate airborne agents in a liquid sample for onsite or laboratory analysis. The collection efficiency is 85% to 92% depending on the size of the particles. The Aerosol-to-Liquid Particle Extraction System (ALPES) is...
Analytical Laboratories

Analytical Laboratories

Savannah River Site Aiken SC 29808
The Savannah River National Laboratory's (SRNL) Analytical Laboratories have supported SRS operations for more than 55 years, providing high quality analytical, radiometric and environmental monitoring data to a range of customers. Since the mid-1950s, the labs have provided a diverse array of...
available technology

BaroBall: Control Valve with Volume Flow Measurement

Barometric pumping is a remediation technique that removes volatile contaminants from soil in the vadose zone, above the water table. The BaroBall control valve increases the efficiency of barometric pumping and allows natural soil gas to flow out of an underground well, while restricting air flow...
available technology

Colorimetric detection of uranium in water

Disclosed are methods, materials and systems that can be used to determine qualitatively or quantitatively the level of uranium contamination in water samples. Beneficially, disclosed systems are relatively simple and cost-effective. For example, disclosed systems can be utilized by consumers...