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A Method to Distill Hydrogen Isotopes from Lithium

This white paper outlines a method for the removal of tritium and deuterium from liquid lithium. The method is based on rapid or flash vaporization of a lithium jet, using high power electron beam heating. The quantity of lithium to be processed is taken to be 2 metric tonnes (the inventory...
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A method to distill hydrogen isotopes from lithium

It has been proposed to use liquid lithium as a plasma facing surface for the divertor and walls of a tokamak fusion reactor. There are numerous physics processes which suggest that such a reactor would be much more compact and in some sense simpler than existing conceptual designs for a tokamak...
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A Method to Improve Voltage Holding Across Vacuum Electrical Gaps to Improve the Performance and Reduce the Conditioning Time by Removing Bacteria, Fungi, and Other Microbial Organisms and Their Spores. -- . Inventor Larry Grisham.

Disclosed is a method to potentially increase the performance of devices which employ electric field within a vacuum by increasing the magnitude of the electric field gradient which can be sustained, the reliability of the devices, and by reducing the conditioning time of devices such as charged...