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Airfield hazard automated detection system

An airfield hazard automated detection device having a radar for scanning the airfield for obstacles and an automated target recognition system, operably connected to the radar, for comparing the images of the scans of the obstacles to images of known potential hazards and for instructing a...
available technology

Conformal Array, Luneburg Lens Antenna System

A Luneburg lens is used in conjunction with a patch antenna array. The patch antenna array is conformed or adapted to cover a portion or backside of the Luneburg len's surface with the backplane of the conformed antenna array defining a field of regard (FOR) in which objects are detected and...
available technology

Dragless flight control system for flying objects

The Dragless Flight Control System for Flying Objects utilizes paired fins that are mounted to rotate in opposite directions. When no lift is desired during the object's flight, the fins are completely retracted into their housings that are recessed into the body of the object. This minimizes the...
available technology

Hybrid-phased communication array

A communication module is provided with a Transmit/Receive (T/R) element fabricated from psuedomorphic HEMT, High Electron Mobility Transistor technology (PHEMT). The T/R element drives multiple Radio Frequency MEMS switch-based phasing elements. Each of the phasing elements connects to a...
available technology

Multispectral-hyperspectral sensing system

The Multispectral-Hyperspectral Sensing System (MHSS) comprises a control center, a surveillance platform and at least one weapon battery with known sensing and destroying capabilities. The control center has access to pre-existing information relating to the target scene and potential targets,...

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Air Resources Laboratory

Room 4204 5830 University Research Court College Park MD 20740
ARL is a research laboratory of NOAA's Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research. The Lab is headquartered in College Park, Maryland and has divisions in Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Idaho Falls, Idaho; and Las Vegas, Nevada. ARL conducts research and development to gain new insights into atmospheric...