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BaroBall: Control Valve with Volume Flow Measurement

Barometric pumping is a remediation technique that removes volatile contaminants from soil in the vadose zone, above the water table. The BaroBall control valve increases the efficiency of barometric pumping and allows natural soil gas to flow out of an underground well, while restricting air flow...
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Basal Media for Culturing Epithelial Cells 2015-009

Researchers at Berkeley Lab have developed a low cost technology for growing primary human epithelial cells (HEC) for as much as 60 population doublings, for longer than a month, all while maintaining low stress conditions that preserve lineage heterogeneity and normal phenotypes. The basal media...
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Biodiesel – SSC Process

INL’s biodiesel-SSC uses solid catalyst under super-critical fluid conditions to produce biodiesel from a full range of lipid feedstock. This invention provides in a single-phase process for producing alkyl esters from triglycerides or fatty acid material feedstock. The material is mixed with an...
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Biomarker for Cell Senescence IB-1036

Eukaryotic cells, after proceeding through a finite number of cell divisions, enter a state characterized by irreversible growth arrest and altered function. Judith Campisi, Goberdhan Dimri and Monica Peacocke at Berkeley Lab believe that entry into this senescent state is a dominant, genetically...