Chemical Analysis

available technology

Aerosol generator

An aerosol generator includes a saturator having an enclosure for passing a gas therethrough, and a porous substrate being adapted for retaining a non-vaporized form of an aerosol material, wherein the porous substrate is further adapted to release a vaporized form of the aerosol material for...
available technology

Aerosol inlet flow modulator

A flow modulator to control the flow of an aerosol to an aerosol detection and/or monitoring system and other aerosol flow systems includes a chamber having an inlet and an outlet, a diverging section of the chamber beneath the inlet that has a flow divider at the center to divide the aerosol into...
available technology

Apparatus for chemical detection training

Methods and apparatus for chemical warfare agent detection training are provided. More particularly, methods and apparatus are provided to simulate the detection of low volatility chemical warfare agents by simulating the use of currently fielded U.S. Army detection kits without exposure to...
available technology

Bacterial spore detection and quantification methods

The invented methods are effective for the detection and quantification of bacterial spores in a sample medium. A lanthanide such as europium or terbium is combined with a medium to be tested for endospore content. The lanthanide will react with calcium dipicolinate present in any bacterial spores...