Controllable Reversible Nanoscale Mass Conveyor

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Acid-Degradeable and Bioerodible Materials JIB-2595

While it is often useful to release therapeutic agents under mildly acidic conditions, as in inflammation sites, lysosomal compartments, or tumor tissue, few existing materials developed for drug delivery are both acid-sensitive and biodegradable. Addressing this gap, Jean Fréchet and a team of...
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Active Cryogenic Electronic Envelope 2014-038

The Berkeley Lab Active Cryogenic Electronic Envelope, a data acquisition module for superconductive magnets where the front-end electronics and digitizer coexist with the sensors inside the cryostat, allows conventional electronic technologies such as enhanced metal-oxide semiconductors to work...
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Advanced Penning Ion Source IB-3139

Researchers from Berkeley Lab have developed the Advanced Penning Ion Source, which offers users an up to eightfold increase in neutron yield over conventional Penning ion sources. The Berkeley Lab technology can generate a higher neutron yield than previous technologies, but without increased...