Data Acquisition

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Propulsion defeating system

A system for reducing the operational efficiency of a watercraft's propulsion system includes a self-propelled and variable-speed unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) that has at least one homing device adapted to direct the UUV towards an origin of a targeted watercraft's propulsion wake. At least...
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Reflectivity maps

Systems and methods for embedding three-dimensional targets in realistic sonar images are provided. An actual or synthetic sonar image is first created and a reflectivity map is produced therefrom. A direct path bottom reverberation is calculated to which texture is added by multiplying the signal...
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Remote piloted vehicle powered by beamed radiation

An airborne remote piloted vehicle does not require onboard fuel to greatly extend its endurance and payload capability. Photovoltaic cells are provided on substantially the entire bottom surface of the RPV to receive high intensity radiation beamed up from a ground station. The photovoltaic cells...
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Resource optimized live to virtual communications

An exemplary embodiment of the invention relates to configuring the minimum number of relay radios in a live-virtual communications system for a tactical training event. The system includes live radios, virtual radios cooperating with a wide area network, and radio bridge circuits cooperating...
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RFID-based mobile vehicle localization

An RFID localization system includes RFID tags positioned at known locations in a local frame of reference. Each RFID tag generates an RF signal indicative of its unique identity. RF antennas are mounted on a mobile vehicle at known positions/orientations relative to a reference point thereon. Each...
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Self-orienting piling, fluid-flow reduction device

A load reduction device is mounted on a piling to reduce flow-drag created by fluid flowing on and past the piling. Upper and lower collars engage the piling to support and guide a bi-directionally tapered hydrodynamic foil having a tapered leading vane portion and tapered trailing vane portion...