High Energy Replicated Optics (HERO)

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Bacteria Provide Cleanup of Oil Spills, Wastewater

Through Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts with Marshall Space Flight Center, Micro-Bac International Inc., of Round Rock, Texas, developed a phototrophic cell for water purification in space. Inside the cell: millions of photosynthetic bacteria. Micro-Bac proceeded to...
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Bearing Analysis Tool (BAT)

The Bearing Analysis Tool (BAT) allows detailed design of rolling element bearings rocket engine turbopumps and other applications. It includes a graphical user interface that greatly reduces the effort required to define analytical models for simulation and design.
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Comments Export/Management Tool

This tool is a collection of macros that work with Microsoft Word to export Word comments into a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet, which is used to disposition comments during a document review and serves as an official record of the disposition of each comment. The tool includes the ability to add...
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Control method for video guidance sensor system

A method is provided for controlling operations in a video guidance sensor system wherein images of laser output signals transmitted by the system and returned from a target are captured and processed by the system to produce data used in tracking of the target. Six modes of operation are provided...
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Customer Survey

Customer Survey is a generic survey tool that affords the ability to construct, email, and manage surveys. The overhead cost of Customer Survey is extremely low, as the tool exists on a virtual server.