High Energy Replicated Optics (HERO)

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Electric Propulsion Interactions Code (EPIC)

EPIC is an interactive computer toolset that enables the construction of a 3D spacecraft model and the assessment of a variety of interactions between the model's subsystems and the plume from an electric thruster. EPIC unites different computer tools to address the many complexities associated...
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Electrically conductive porous membrane

The present invention relates to an electrically conductive membrane that can be configured to be used in fuel cell systems to act as a hydrophilic water separator internal to the fuel cell, or as a water separator used with water vapor fed electrolysis cells, or as a water separator used with...
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Emission of Solar Protons (ESP) Model

The Emission of Solar Protons (ESP) Model is a computer model of the solar proton environment. The model predicts total solar proton fluence levels for interplanetary space in the energy range of 1 to 300 MeV, which is the range required for both solar cell and electronics applications.
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Firefighting Module (1984)

Firefly II pump module is NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center's commercial offshoot of a NASA/US Coast Guard program involving development of a lightweight, helicopter-transportable firefighting module for a quick response in combating shipboard or harbor fires. Operable on land or water, the...
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Forecasting Tools Point to Fishing Hotspots

Private weather forecaster WorldWinds Inc., of Slidell, Louisiana, has employed satellite-gathered oceanic data from Marshall Space Flight Center to create a service that is every fishing enthusiast's dream. The company's FishBytes system uses information about sea surface temperature and...
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Home Air Purifiers Eradicate Harmful Pathogens

Marshall Space Flight Center funded the University of Madison-Wisconsin to develop ethylene scrubbers to keep produce fresh in space. Akida Holdings of Jacksonville, Florida, licensed the technology and developed Airocide, an air purifier that can kill airborne pathogens. Previously designed for...