High Energy Replicated Optics (HERO)

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Ocular Screening System

An ocular screening system designed for safe, convenient screening of large groups was developed at Marshall Space Flight Center, leading to the formation of Medical Sciences Corporation. The system identifies visual defects accurately and inexpensively, and includes a photorefractor telephoto lens...
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Pressure-driven magnetically-coupled conveyance

This invention has the ability to provide the initial acceleration necessary for spacecraft to attain earth orbit without use of traditional rocket propellants. The invention also has the ability to provide an alternative means of ground transportation without the direct use of fossil fuel. The...
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Project Cost Estimating Capability Version 2.2

Used to develop cost estimates/models for space systems, this technology combines an Excel add-in with a simple, robust, and transparent collection of NASA cost-estimating relationships (CERs), statistics, work breakdown structures, and cost-estimating algorithms. The approach's use of native Excel...
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Project LASER

NASA formally launched Project LASER (Learning About Science, Engineering and Research) in March 1990, a program designed to help teachers improve science and mathematics education and to provide hands on" experiences. It featured the first LASER Mobile Teacher Resource Center (MTRC) is designed to...
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Prosthesis Material

FAB/CAM, a subsidiary of the Harshberger Prosthetic and Orthotic Center, Inc., approached Marshall for help in replacing the heavy, fragile plaster they used to produce master molds for prosthetics. Concurrently, Marshall and Martin Marietta were creating a commercial derivative of the foam...
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Python client library (pyCMR) abstracts CMR search API (Application Program Interface) calls to a simple set of python functions that can be incorporated in client applications. The search responses are stored in the python dictionary for easy manipulation on the client side.