High Energy Replicated Optics (HERO)

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Single Doppler Retrieval Toolkit (SingleDop)

SingleDop is a software module, written in the Python programming language, that will retrieve two-dimensional low-level winds from either real or simulated Doppler radar data. It mimics the functionality of the algorithm described in the following reference:Xu et al., 2006: Background error...
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Smartphone Video Guidance Sensor

The Smartphone Video Guidance Sensor (SVGS) allows for calculation of the distance and orientation of an object relative to the SVGS. A known retroreflective target pattern is mounted on the target object. These retroreflectors are then illuminated by the camera flash on the smartphone and imaged...
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Sorbent-based atmosphere revitalization system

The present invention is a sorbent-based atmosphere revitalization (SBAR) system using treatment beds each having a bed housing, primary and secondary moisture adsorbent layers, and a primary carbon dioxide adsorbent layer. Each bed includes a redirecting plenum between moisture adsorbent layers,...
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Space Science Curricula

Johnson High School, Huntsville, Alabama started an international magnet program in 1987. One of the courses in the curriculum was in space science. They appealed to Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) when they couldn't find a suitable textbook, nor locate other classes in space science to provide...
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Sun Format Database (SunAcc) File Read/Write Library

The Sun Format Database (SunAcc) was developed to fulfill a need for local native storage of Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) test data. While the file format itself is native to the Sun UNIX platform, the read/write library was developed to be a cross-platform tool and is compatible with a variety...