High Energy Replicated Optics (HERO)

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Valve Packing

S Glass" yarn was originally developed by NASA for high temperature space and aeronautical applications. When John Crane Inc. required material that would withstand temperatures higher than 1200 degrees Fahrenheit they contacted Owens-Corning which had developed a number of applications for the...
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Video guidance sensor system with laser rangefinder

A video guidance sensor system for use in automated docking of a chase vehicle with a target vehicle wherein the chase vehicle includes a laser rangefinder that uses pulse or phase time of flight measurement to measure distance. The laser rangefinder includes a diode laser pulse or phase driver...
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Video image stabilization and registration-plus

A method of stabilizing a video image displayed in multiple video fields of a video sequence includes the steps of: subdividing a selected area of a first video field into nested pixel blocks; determining horizontal and vertical translation of each of the pixel blocks in each of the pixel block...
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Video image tracking engine

A method and system for processing an image including capturing an image and storing the image as image pixel data. Each image pixel datum is stored in a respective memory location having a corresponding address. Threshold pixel data is selected from the image pixel data and linear spot segments...
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Video sensor with range measurement capability

A video sensor device is provided which incorporates a rangefinder function. The device includes a single video camera and a fixed laser spaced a predetermined distance from the camera for, when activated, producing a laser beam. A diffractive optic element divides the beam so that multiple light...
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Water Jetting

Hi-Tech Inc., a company which manufactures water jetting equipment, needed a high pressure rotating swivel, but found that available hardware for the system was unsatisfactory. They were assisted by Marshall, which had developed water jetting technology to clean the Space Shuttles. The result was a...