Inexpensive Production of High Density Thin Ceramic Films on Rigid or Porous Substrates

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Derivitization of Sugars into Ionic Liquids 2015-059

Researchers led by Blake Simmons and Seema Singh at the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) have demonstrated that mucic acid – the aldaric acid of galactose – can form an ionic liquid (IL) effective at pretreating lignocellulosic biomass, when paired with a choline cation. Typically, ILs used for...
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Detecting Antibiotic Resistance IB-2927

A robust, automated computational pipeline was used to design a system comprising a microarray for the identification of microorganisms and their antibiotic resistance profiles. This system and methods will facilitate the study of the epidemiology and microbial ecology of antibiotic resistance and...