Inexpensive Production of High Density Thin Ceramic Films on Rigid or Porous Substrates

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G. Shyamala Harris and colleagues at Berkeley Lab have created a transgenic mouse line that can model male infertility and provide information for the development of male contraceptives and fertility boosters. Only the homozygous males of this line are sterile. Therefore, the fertile heterozygotes...
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Tunable Catalysts IB-3046

Industrial manufacturers of catalytic converters for vehicle exhaust systems are limited to using catalytic converters made of noble metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. In addition to being expensive, the lifetime of these conventional catalysts is also limited. Researchers at...
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Tunable Graphene Electronic Devices JIB-2697

Alex Zettl and colleagues at Berkeley Lab have induced a two-dimensional superconducting order on a graphene sheet and tuned its material properties—transition temperature, critical field, and critical current—via an electrostatic gate. The technology enables the properties of diverse electronic...
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Tunable Thermal Link IB-2337

Thermal links are incorporated into everything from frying pans to internal combustion engine spark plugs and heat sinks on integrated circuit boards. Typically, the link’s thermal resistance is fixed and cannot be tuned after manufacture. While the ability to tune electrical resistors is...