Inexpensive Production of High Density Thin Ceramic Films on Rigid or Porous Substrates

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Ultra-low Emission Natural Draft Burner IB-2777

Robert Cheng and David Littlejohn of Berkeley Lab have invented a technology that allows Berkeley Lab’s Low Swirl Burner to operate in natural draft mode. This makes the technology useful in operations where electrically powered machinery poses a safety risk, such as refineries. With this...
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Ultrasonic Radio 2015-076

A research team led by Berkeley Lab’s Alex Zettl has invented a wideband ultrasonic radio, with graphene-based electrostatic acoustic wave generators/receivers, that can be used in communication to provide a wide frequency span for emission and reception of data. The Berkeley Lab ultrasonic radio...
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Ultrathin Boron Nitride Sheets IB-2788

Alex Zettl of Berkeley Lab has developed a technology to produce low layer number sheets, including monolayer sheets, of hexagonal boron nitride (BN) or boron carbon nitrogen (BxCyNz). The ultrathin sheets are mechanically sound due to strong chemical bonds in layered BN. The ability to place the...