Lasers Optics and Related Technologies

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Distributed Automated Demand Response

Many States are increasing standards requirements for contributions from renewable power generation assets such as solar photovoltaic and wind. Intermittent generation from these devices will require corresponding changes in other storage or generation assets or responsive demand. In addition, the...
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Electrostatic Generator/Motor

A novel electrostatic (E-S) generator/motor has been developed in the course of improving electromechanical battery (flywheel energy-storage) technology for the bulk storage of electricity. Electromagnetic-type generator/motors employed in present-day flywheel energy storage systems fell short of...
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Energy Absorbing Material

Cellular silicone foams are commonly used as stress cushions in energy absorbing applications. These foams are used to distribute and relieve stress between adjacent parts, dampen shock and vibrations, maintain relative positioning of components, and mitigate the effect of component size variations...