Lossless and lossy data compression

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Standoff delivered sonobuoy

A standoff delivery system is responsive to GPS coordinate signals and in-flight GPS signals to deliver and emplace a sonobuoy at a remote location that otherwise would be hazardous for full size aircraft conventionally deploying the sonobuoy. A flying platform, such as a drone or gliding guided...
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Surface launched sonobuoy

A sonobuoy device for tracking and targeting submarines. The sonobuoy device comprises a sonobuoy having aft and forward sections interconnected with each other, fin means mounted on the aft section for flight stabilization of the device during travel above water from the platform, separation means...
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System and method for relative localization

Localization systems and methods for unambiguously determining the range, bearing, and relative heading of a neighboring object relative to a reference point are provided. The systems and methods utilize a triangulation-based approach, wherein the range and heading information is based on...
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System for calculating displacement of a sonar array

A computer apparatus determines a highly accurate displacement of a sonar array in real time using multiple processors and data objects. The processors receive multiple sonar pings from a sonar array, instantiate the quasi-unique sonar objects, beamform, and update the objects using time-delay...