Lossless and lossy data compression

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System for guiding a vehicle to a position

A system provides guidance to a vehicle on an approach to a position. A guidance transmitter stationed at the position includes light sources arranged in an array and a controller coupled to the light sources. The array defines a primary field-of-view (FOV) from which all light sources are visible...
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System for oil spill clean up and oil recovery

A system for cleaning up an oil spill and recovering the spilled oil includes frames supporting superhydrophobic oil-absorbing nanowires. A first container supports the frames with the nanowires. A mixture of oil and water is pumped into the first container where the oil from the mixture is...
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System for storing geospecific data

A system for storing geospecific data for use by an interactive computing environment utilizes separate terrain height data storage and image data storage. The terrain height data storage stores blocks of terrain height data which are defined as discrete terrain heights coinciding with a grid of...
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Target detection method from partial image of target

A method for detecting a target partially obscured in the image. Sensor data from an area of concern in converted to image data indexed to represent the area. Test signature data is provided representative of the image of a portion of the type of target of interest. The image data is normalized and...
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Towing rocket motor assembly

A towing rocket motor assembly has a tubular solid propellant grain defined by exterior surface area and interior surface area. The exterior surface area is inhibited from ignition within a tubular region of a housing. The housing includes a first end and a second end at either end of the tubular...
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Underwater nuclear material reconnaissance system

An underwater nuclear material reconnaissance system includes an underwater vehicle propelled/steered by a plurality of propulsion pods distributed thereabout. The underwater vehicle includes nuclear material sensors for generating sensor data indicative of the presence of nuclear material, a...