available technology

Computer based human-centered display system

A human centered informational display is disclosed that can be used with vehicles (e.g. aircraft) and in other operational environments where rapid human centered comprehension of an operational environment is required. The informational display integrates all cockpit information into a single...
available technology

Confined underwater cryogenic surface preparation

A portable, diver-operated cryogenic freezing unit cleans surfaces underwater. A housing has a first chamber that contains cryogenic liquid, such as liquid nitrogen, and a second chamber is disposed adjacent to an end portion that fits about contaminating matter on a surface underwater. A valve...
available technology

Connector-less high speed underwater data interface

An interface assures high-speed transmission of optical data between submerged vessels. First and second vessels have pressure hulls and have a first plate transparent to optical data on the pressure hull of the first vessel and a second plate transparent to optical data on the pressure hull of the...
available technology

Controlled corrosion release system

A controlled corrosion release system for a payload is provided. The payload is submerged in a conductive medium, such as seawater. The system includes clips which restrain the payload against a housing. A circuit is established to allow electrical current to flow from a power source contained...