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3D Audio System

Ames Research Center research into virtual reality led to the development of the Convolvotron, a high speed digital audio processing system that delivers three-dimensional sound over headphones. It consists of a two-card set designed for use with a personal computer. The Convolvotron's primary...
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A Boon for Bone Research

NASA studies for astronaut health in long-term space missions led to the development of the Mechanical Response Tissue Analyzer (MRTA), a research tool for astronaut disuse, osteoporosis and related bone disorders among the general population. Ames Research Center and Stanford University generated...
available technology

A Coating That Cools and Cuts Costs

To enable low-cost space access for advanced exploration vehicles, Ames Research Center invented and patented a protective coating for ceramic materials (PCCM) in 1994. Wessex received a license for PCCM in 1996 and initially applied it to building materials for firewall applications. Through...
available technology

A Cool Tool for Deicing Planes

Nicknamed the ice zapper the Electro Expulsive Separation System (EESS) is an aircraft ice removal system that pulverizes ice and removes layers of ice as thin as frost or as thick as an inch of glaze according to the principle inventor of the technology. Patented by NASA's Ames Research Center,...
available technology

A Fundus Photo-Stimulation System and Method

Available for licensing and commercial development is an optical system which permits targeted photo-stimulation of the retina by positioning the stimulus location under visual guidance through a fundus camera. The system is designed to elicit, under direct infra-red visual control of stimulus size...