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Web Solutions Inspire Cloud Computing Software

An effort at Ames Research Center to standardize NASA websites unexpectedly led to a breakthrough in open source cloud computing technology. With the help of Rackspace Inc. of San Antonio, Texas, the resulting product, OpenStack, has spurred the growth of an entire industry that is already...
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Window Insulation

Standard Packaging Corp. along with NASA assistance developed nunsun, a thin metallized film adhesively bonded to windows of homes, office buildings, schools, industrial plants and other facilities. The film, originally used in Echo and Skylab, reflects sun's heat and glare outwards thereby cutting...
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World Wind Tools Reveal Environmental Change

Originally developed under NASA_s Learning Technologies program as a tool to engage and inspire students, World Wind software was released under the NASA Open Source Agreement license. Honolulu, Hawaii-based Intelesense Technologies is one of the companies currently making use of the technology for...
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X-Plane Communication Toolbox (XPC)

The X-Plane Connect Toolbox enables users to receive real-time information on one or more simulated vehicles state from the X-Plane flight simulator, and control vehicles running in the X-Plane simulation environment. The toolbox can be used to record simulated flight data, visualize flight...