Ocean Physics

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Apparatus for control of stator wakes

The invention as disclosed is an apparatus that controls the wake of stator blades on an underwater vehicle. The apparatus comprises one or more stator blades each with a movable trailing edge that when actuated in a controlled manner produces a periodic flapping motion upstream of a propulsion...
available technology

Assembly of underwater bodies and launcher therefor

An assembly of underwater bodies and a launcher therefor. The assembly is adapted for mounting on a submarine outside the pressure hull. The assembly includes a launcher having a housing for enclosing an underwater body, a body support structure within the housing for supporting the body, a...
available technology

Automated ballistic constant determination

A method for the automated generation of ballistic constants for use in a trajectory control system. The potential trajectory of a pursuing vehicle is divided into a plurality of multiple sequential phases wherein each phase is characterized by a plurality of ballistic parameters. Known simulated...