Ocean Physics

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Deployable microbial fuel cell and methods

An anode/cathode system is disclosed for use in a Benthic microbial fuel cell. Carbon cloth forms at least a portion of the anode and is disposed on one side of a water oxygen impermeable layer, which can be weighted around a periphery thereof to hold the anode against a water-sediment interface...
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Deployable nose for an underwater vehicle

A deployable nose is used on an underwater vehicle to provide a shorter length when in a retracted position and to provide a reduced drag when in the deployed position. The deployable nose includes a plurality of nose sections and a deployment mechanism that moves the plurality of nose sections...
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Deployment system for fiber-optic line sensors

A system for deploying a fiber optic line sensor is provided that includes a launch vehicle to which three sections are attached. The first section is a buoy antenna section. The second section is an electronics canister section having control electronics. These sections are releasably attached to...
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Digital antenna goniometer and method

A digital goniometer and steering method are provided which may be used, in a preferred embodiment, for producing a figure-eight antenna reception pattern oriented at any selectable angle. The digital goniometer works with the signals from a pair of orthogonal antenna loops. In a presently...
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Directional acoustic density sensor

The invention as disclosed is a fiber optic interferometric directional acoustic density sensor that increases the directionality of a vector sensor that is much smaller in size than the wave length of an acoustic wave. This is accomplished through the use of second order directionality by...