Ocean Physics

available technology

Dual wing-pair air vehicle

A vehicle for flying and having a forward portion and a rearward portion opposite the forward. The vehicle includes a first pair of wings arranged at the forward portion of the vehicle, a second pair of wings arranged at the rearward portion of the vehicle, and a support structure. The support...
available technology

Dynamic memory processor

A dynamic memory processor for time variant pattern recognition and an input data dimensionality reduction is provided having a multi-layer harmonic neural network and a classifier network. The multi-layer harmonic neural network receives a fused feature vector of the pattern to be recognized from...
available technology

Elastomeric launch assembly and method of launch

A launch assembly having an elastomeric tube for launching a device is disclosed. To launch the device an outboard end of the tube is movable outwardly along the length of a housing by an extending device, while the inboard end of the tube is restrained by a release mechanism and remains stationary...
available technology

Extended range support module

An extended range support module for an undersea vehicle includes an outer hull capable of accommodating the undersea vehicle therein. A navigation module is positioned on the outer hull and capable of being joined to the undersea vehicle. Controllable fins are provided on the outer hull and joined...
available technology

Extendible planar phased array mast

The invention provides a hydrodynamically and stealth shaped suite of antennas and sensors mounted above a hydrodynamically and stealth shaped mast. The mast is configured to extend from the sail of a submerged vessel to the surface so as to provide the vessel with satellite communications...
available technology

Flow release elastomeric ejection system

An apparatus for providing a rapid fluid impulse which can be used for launching vehicles into a liquid medium. The apparatus comprises a ring diaphragm of coupled concentric elastomeric rings, adapted to accept pressurized fluid at an interior side. The pressurized fluid extends the elastomeric...