Ocean Physics

available technology

Landmass fly-around boundary generation

A process for generating fly-around boundaries for use by projectiles such as missiles or the like which facilitates the steps of providing original cartographic data representative of at least one geographical position on a landmass and providing a predetermined value for the spacing of a fly-...
available technology

Low cost rapid mine clearance system

A method and apparatus to clear mines uses tag particles dropped into ambient water across a wide area by an aircraft to sink and stick to submerged mines. The tag particles each contain a gas volume dimensioned to resonate with impinging acoustic energy and reflect portions of the impinging...
available technology

Man overboard beacon

A user worn man overboard beacon that provides multiple indication means to alert a ship to an overboard crew person and to assist in locating the crew person. The beacon device is contained in a housing attached to the clothing of the sailor and is activated upon contact with seawater. A battery...
available technology

Marine countermeasures launch assembly

A marine countermeasures launch assembly includes a cylindrical body including first and second members having, respectively, first and second surfaces engageable with each other to form the body, the first surface having first and second recesses therein, the second surface having first and second...
available technology

Marine propulsion assembly

A marine propulsion assembly comprises a drive shaft, a first propeller fixed to the drive shaft and turnable therewith in a first direction, an annular array of gear teeth disposed on the first propeller and turnable therewith, a second propeller aligned with the first propeller, and an annular...