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Freeplay measurement device

A freeplay measurement device for measuring freeplay in a ruddervator includes a forward horseshoe assembly, an aft horseshoe assembly, a L-shaped locator, a connecting assembly, a load applicator, and a measuring device. The forward horseshoe assembly forms a half of an ellipse that can slip on...
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Gas turbine engine system with water injection

A gas turbine engine is energized by a controlled supply of fuel thereto for operation under regulated conditions increasing efficiency and power output per unit mass of air under pressurized flow from a compressor to which the air is supplied with water droplets at a ratio predetermined to reduce...
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Gas-walled rocket nozzle

The present invention comprises a rocket motor nozzle that replaces the fixed-wall throat with a wall" created by injecting gas radially into the nozzle. By injecting gas into the flow of combustion products that are going through the nozzle, this will deflect the combustion product flow,...
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Gaz hidrat vasitasiyla suyun aritilmasi.

Bu bulus, bir düzenlemesinde metan ve suya ayrisacagi bir yükseklige degin yükselen metan hidratin olusturulmasi için 100 metreyi asan bir derinlikte deniz suyunun içine metan beslenmesiyle ve suyun geri kazanilmasiyla deniz suyunun tuzunun giderilmesine iliskindir. Metan yeniden islemden geçirilir.
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Gesture recognition apparatus and method

A method of identifying a human gesture using a machine includes providing a time sequence of data related to the human gesture; transforming the time sequence of data into waveforms; extracting features from the waveforms; and identifying the human gesture based on the extracted features.
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Global laser rangefinder profilometry

Two light beams from respective light-emitting devices (e.g., lasers or lamps) cross each other and strike a surface (e.g., of a fluid) at respective oblique orientations relative to the surface (e.g., oblique but nearly vertical orientations that are equal and opposite to each other). A camera...