Omni-Depth Direct Measurement Fluxmeter for New Applications in Agriculture and Remediation

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Synthesis of High Quality Graphene IB-2831

Researchers at Berkeley Lab have developed a technology for synthesizing high quality, micrometer scale graphene layers on silicon carbide wafers in a thermal process. The thickness of the graphene is controlled by controlling the annealing temperature and duration of heating. With two wafers...
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Synthetic Production of 2-Pyrrolidone EJIB-3307

Researchers at the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) have developed a more efficient biological pathway for the synthesis of 2-Pyrrolidone, which plays an extremely important role in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and serves as a foundation for polymer synthesis. Current production of this...
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Synthetic Rotational Nanomotor

Alex Zettl and colleagues have designed and operated the world’s first rotational nanomotor. The motor is approximately 300 nm wide – three orders of magnitude smaller than existing MEMS motors, and the smallest synthetic motor ever created. The nanomotor consists of a nanoscale electromechanical...